Located at Cleveland and Dickens in Lincoln Park, meet DeNuccis, the hot and saucy Italian cousin to Ballyhoo Hospitality's iconic and flagship concept, Gemini.

DeNuccis combines the best Italian-American cuisine with the modern and approachable concept Ballyhoo is best known for. From classic dishes like Artichoke Vesuvio, Mozzarella al Forno, and Veal Marsala to nightly specials like Chicken Scarpariello and Lasagna Bolognese, DeNuccis pairs incredible cuisine with an all-Italian wine list. With approachable bottles and undiscovered gems, each glass contributes to an unforgettable feel-good dining experience. Ballyhoo’s Pizzaiolo Salvatore "Sal" Lo Cascio brings his beloved pizzas to DeNuccis, to round out the menu.

The interior combines fresh design, an inviting ambiance, old-school Italian charm, refinished modern appeal, and restored elements of the historic Four Farthings Tavern and Grill.

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